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An operational technology platform enabling teams to leverage qualitative and quantitative data to solve 'real world' problems and manage organisations more effectively.

Powered by 15 Applications and 2 Applied AI Models

We enable the creation of information ecosystems

Renforce Applications and AI models enable the creation of information ecosystems through end-to-end management of qualitative and quantitative data - through modelling, structuration, ingestion, exchanging, reporting, and integration.

Designed to be the leading platform for Enterprise Operations

Engineered through research and diversified industry expertise enabling organisations to transition from Legacy enterprise tech to AI-powered and future-proof technologies.
Our research


Renforce is engineered to be an interconnected, hyper-intelligent Operational Platform

Applications to create information infrastructures

Modular architecture with central middleware for internal and external connections and RESTful APIs

Powerful ‘Instance to Instance’ information, application and model exchanging capabilities to enable cohesive ecosystems between multiple parties
Applications to Model, Process, Analyse and Compute data of any scale, structure, or format
Native handling of Qualitative Information to model, compute, machine learn, and drive applications with qualitative data

Powerful ‘Command Centre’ dashboards to represent data based on user, department, and organisational hierarchy

State of the Art object based qualitative document creator and publishing platform

Native qualitative data, parsing, analysis, and computation applications
Reporting as a service for all connected objects, allowing users to request, automate and publish their business use reports

Encapsulation and computation of objects and connected data to create a source of truth immutable information models
Native Artificial Intelligence is driven by objects and ontologies, allowing business users to create insightful ‘no-code’ Machine Learning Models
Model and program dock-ability to allow nontechnical users to create sub-models and micro programs for business use


Renforce Alpha is powered by 15 Applications and 2 Applied AI models engineered by industry expertise.

Infrastructure Modelling

  • Object Management Platform
  • Ontology Management Application
  • Renforce SRXID Generator

Object & Data Driven

  • Information Management System
  • Organisational Management System
  • Client Management System
  • Crawler Management System
  • Information Exchange Platform


  • Renforce Parsing Platform
  • Renforce Creator Platform
  • Renforce Qualitative Analyzer
  • Renforce Quantitative Analyzer


  • Renforce Encapsulated Object Modelling
  • Reporting as a Services Platform


  • Renforce AI Model Management Platform
  • Renforce AI Model 1
  • Renforce AI Model 2


Renforce has been challenging industries to put on their industry 4.0 lens to solve ‘real world’ problems. Here’s how.

New and amazing Bank.
Financial Services x Sustainability
AI powered, Compliance Insured - Investment Management Infrastructure for Sustainability Portfolios

Custom Carbon Footprint calculation model using Renforce Applications

Object and Ontologies for portfolio management & realtime tracking of quantitative models.
• AI Powered Portfolio tracking to recognise sustainability investments enabling 100% machine driven decision making.
• Realtime Data Streaming using Renforce Middleware to manage multiple ERPs

Reward on climate positive actions and enable individuals to offset carbon emissions through investments APIs connected to Front End Rewards and Investment platforms.

Native Regulatory Compliance engine for ESG Compliance.
Renforce x Banking & Insurance
Compliance Operating System using Applications & AI

Renforce has allowed Financial Service Providers to create an advanced Operating System for their Compliance teams that's highly automated, 100% accurate, and powered by Native AI models and powerful information ingestion.

• Ontology based Obligation Modelling
• Renforce Crawler Management System based 100% automated Obligation Ingestion
• Renforce AI Model 2 powered automated 'rule' detection in obligations
• Renforce Operating System to Manage end to end compliance process
• Highly automated Object based Complex Regulatory Reporting
Renforce x Government
Regulation, Acts and Legislation Creation and Publishing Platform

• Renforce lets regulators create a customised, robust information models within Renforce using Object and Ontology Modelling to manage the multi-dimensional structure of information.

• Use ontology driven Renforce Creator Platform to create and publish the complex regulations as an encapsulated ‘loaded’ objects to be utilised by required bodies.

• Always connected and managed through relational objects over static PDF’s and Non Machine readable Texts.
Renforce x Legal Service Providers
World’s First Legal Operating System

• End to End information ecosystem to publish, distribute, and manage legal documentation
• Advanced object based library of all the laws, regulations, and licences within a firm
• Utilise machine learning to recognise new laws and rules within their library
• Renforce Information Exchange Platform to push legal codex’s into connected Client Operations
• 100% of Qualitative data machine readable for the first time unlocking over 100 years of insights
Renforce x FinTech
Operating System and End to End infrastructure for Banking, FinTech’s and InsurTechs

• Information Ecosystem for E2E Transaction, Policy, Pricing and Customer infrastructure and management

• Native object driven compliance with Operating System for Risk & Compliance

• Interconnected with frontend, and applications

• AI based processing from Day 1
Renforce x Regulatory Agencies
Market Disclosure Analysis
Renforce Crawling Management System, AI models, and Computation enable Government and Regulatory Agencies analyse Realtime poor market disclosure.

• 80% Reduction in investigation and analysis time.

• Single ecosystem for all agencies to analyse, report and manage market disclosure.
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For the Industries of Tomorrow

Operations of tomorrow require

  • Computability of qualitative data that is natively machine readable.
  • Independent decision making, AI creation and information exchange without relying on the integrity of data storage applications.
  • Confidence in machine driven decision making, without any human manipulation of the data.
  • Rapid innovation and adoption of technology solutions such as AI, Blockchain and Web 3 rather than fixing their legacy tech stack.
  • Business users to augment their work on their systems in a more fluid and native manner without code or deep technical capabilities.

Our research and engineering has aimed to build a platform that leads to the creation of the foundation of Industry 4.0.


Renforce Alpha’s invite only Pilot program is currently offered to important organisation within these industries:

Services Providers
Services Sector
Risk and
Service Providers


As we Pilot our current industries Renforce Alpha is loading for future industries such as:

Sustainability Operations
Technology Sector(s)
Medical Research and Regulations
Defense Operations
Education Providers
and many

Redefine the way you empower your industry and solve issues that really matter with the powerful Renforce Alpha Platform, and step into the future of Enterprise Technology.

Industry 4.0 awaits you

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