Founders Message
The Renforce story and the journey so far

Gday, I am Sal, or Salman Abeer very rarely Sally
- the Founder and CEO at Renforce Technologies. Renforce will be a vital chapter in the future of enterprise tech story.
Renforce is an Operational Technology Platform my team and I have been focused on building though research, iterations of testing and failure, and pushing software boundaries to challenge the existing norm - as the Renforce team arrives at the crossroads of stealth to market revelation.

I want to welcome you to Renforce whilst introducing the technology and myself.
First, Who is Sal ?
My personal background is one similar to most children of immigrants but unique in my own way, my Aeronautical Engineer dad kept us on our toes as he worked around the world, we lived in Dubai, Doha and Sydney sometimes all the same time, and my primary school teacher mum kept us informed and kept the roots of the family to be foundational to compassion and creativity.

I got to experience the world from two very different lenses of my parents and my brain had formed an analytical duality to consider the privilege of my position whilst understanding the complexity in the micro economics and systems of every situation.

Whether it was the complexity of the health system in Australia whilst waiting in an ER after a spraint Ankle or, admiring the organised chaos of the street vendors in Bangladesh on our annual family vacation or, the systemic rise of Dubai around me everyday as I went to school, or a career in solving complex problems within the financial services industry.
My academic foundation is in computer science and business intelligence, however, I went onto start my career early whilst still at university as an Analyst in Financial services, startups and consulting and quickly paved my path to leadership roles in the FinTech industry.

I’ve been fortunate to rapidly progress into working with/leading highly sophisticated multimillion dollar tech, business and operating model programs in the industry, with companies such as Suncorp, Commonwealth Bank, Zurich Insurance, AMP et al and provided private advisory to both sides of the field - government and industry, very often being the youngest ‘leading’ person in the room by decades.

However, with every delivery of program and every advisory project, my disillusionment with the results of the work has exponentially grown, celebrating arbitrary wins when deep down we all knew we had not solved the challenge at hand, this disillusionment led me to invest and kick off a small research project called Renforce (’Reinforce’ in French) pardon my French but I was on a flight to Paris when I named it.
Second, Welcome to Renforce!
Around 2019 with the Financial Services Royal Commission in Australia I saw a market opportunity to lead and simplify the compliance experience, however the deeper we went the more complex the problem seemed to get - with core challenges such as;
One. Most qualitative data not being machine readable (I do not mean it isn’t viewable on a screen as string text) but the inability to apply computation to qualitative information in this day and age is a very serious problem in the technical world
Two. The method of data ingestion, modelling and usability for computation, AI creation and exchanging relies too heavily on the integrity of the data storage applications and executives are not confident in application based conclusions to sign off on agendas or make decisions without human manipulation of the data after system processing.
Three. The dependency of future technologies on the (band-aided) output of the current processing systems resulting in enterprises having to prioritise fixing their current stack over innovating or being able to adopt new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Web3 based solutions.
Four. An imbalanced ability of resources who can ‘work’ on technologies where most business users rely heavily if not completely on technical/data experts to setup their systems, workflows, information management et al.

This has resulted in a global shortage of resources on one side, with a growing incompetency on the other - overall an industry 4.0 approach must allow business users to augment their work on their systems in a more fluid and native manner.
We soon realised this is not a compliance problem but an enterprise
technology problem, with ageing tech stacks and legacy methods
driving new architectures we are close to the plateau of innovation
in the sector - and so we continued our research and are building
Renforce to address these challenges.
What is Renforce and
what problems does it solve?

Renforce is an Operational Technology Platform that redefines the organisational experience by enabling End to End management of qualitative and quantitative information modelling, structuration, ingestion, exchanging, reporting and integration powered by next-gen software and Artificial Intelligence.

Challenges we are solving

Our goal is to provide out-of-the-box, end-to-end solutions that deliver efficiency and value. Here are the main challenges we are tackling:
Convert the structure of
information at an
infrastructure level
Create the backbone of
an open and structured information exchange ecosystem between organisations such as governments and businesses
Translate business functionality into daily usable tech without coding or a CS background to create micro tasking applications
The infrastrcture required to enable AI Nativity within Industries

Our end-to-end solutions will deliver efficiency
and value through rapid deployment and
management of:

  • Decentralised Object Modelling for application usability
  • Object based Knowledge and ontology structures that integrate into front-end and back-end systems
  • Object Modelling and clustering data to integrate objects with Front-end, Back-end and third-party systems
  • Object based AI & Crawling/Tasking Models
  • AI powered unstructured information parsing, subject detection, and rule detection to convert unstructured information into actionable use
  • Real-time exchange of structured information from one party to another such as regulator and company compliance reporting
  • Powerful visualisations and modelling of inter-organisation relationships and dependencies
  • Computation of conditions, parameters, rules, validation and workflows for both qualitative and quantitative information
  • Qualitative data ingestion, analysis, onboarding and tagging for ML training, application use and structured information storage
  • Docking master programs to allow users to create no code sub applications in real-time
Renforce is designed to address poor efficiency, productivity,
quality, compliance, and decision-making caused by failures in the
current technical stack, non-coordinated information infrastructure
and over reliance on technical resources.

Resulting in over a Trillion Dollars of costs globally.

What makes Renforce unique?

Renforce is a powerful and dynamic Operational Technology Platform designed to be relational, insightful, and intelligent.

We focus on building ecosystems with Renforce applications, where the entire process of information modelling, structuration and management is automated and object modelled to allow multiple channels to operate and connect their data, services and relationships to create a more open and cohesive ecosystem.
Renforce competes with legacy enterprise technologies and in-house developments of custom software.

Which lack the capabilities of a Rapidly deployed, infrastructurally connected and natively intelligent Operational Platform for multiple industries.

Renforce Pathway

Kicked off building a compliance solution but we found most companies have a larger problem within the qualitative data space
Breakthrough year!
We were able to proof our compliance concept  however this was only one part of the equation and instead of converting our EOI’s we put Renforce back into R&D to go for a bigger challenge
Breakthrough year!
Solving the greater challenges using technical  concepting,  R&D and solution development to be released for EOI’s as a Pilot implementation

What’s next and
how you can be part of the Renforce journey?

As we look to the future, we have our sights on the global marketplace.

We’ve formulated a Pilot approach for the organisations who want to be part of the Renforce Journey.

Whilst the initial invitations are selective with existing partners, I encourage speaking with us about your Expression of Interest to take part in our Pilot program through your inhouse innovation teams or any upcoming funding rounds.

We want to include as many humans as possible in the Renforce journey with a snapshot of how we can work together today or in the future below.
Lastly, I want end on this note, I truly believe technology can solve a lot of our global problems, however, it no longer makes sense to dedicate such significant money and resources to upkeeping and versioning legacy technologies which no longer drive the value they once did, and perhaps its time the Renforce’s of the world gradually move the enterprise world into the future.

The words ‘always over deliver and under promise’ was distilled in me from my early career days and what ever your expectations of Renforce has been set by my message, we commit at a minimum to this - Hard Work, Dedication.